Elevate Your Golf Game with 365 Golf Academy - Unlocking Unbeatable Value from £24.00 per Month!


Are you a passionate golfer seeking to take your game to new heights? Look no further than 365 Golf Academy, where continuous learning, socializing, and substantial improvement await you. We pride ourselves on offering unbeatable value to our members, empowering golf enthusiasts of all levels to flourish in their favourite sport. Join us today and witness how our comprehensive golf program, expert coaching, and vibrant community make your investment you won't regret.

Comprehensive Golf Program:

At 365 Golf Academy, we've designed a comprehensive golf program that caters to players of all abilities. From beginners aiming to get a solid grip on the fundamentals to seasoned golfers seeking to fine-tune their skills, our curriculum covers all aspects of the game. Each month, you can look forward to well-structured lessons, focused on swing mechanics, putting techniques, course management, and more. Our goal is to equip you with a well-rounded set of skills that will boost your confidence and performance on the course.

There are 2 tiers of membership for you to choose from. Please keep reading for more information.

Expert Coaching:

We firmly believe that expert guidance is the key to unlocking your true golfing potential. Johnny will work closely with you to analyse your strengths and areas for improvement, providing personalised feedback and tailored advice to elevate your game. With their expertise at your disposal, you'll progress faster than ever before.

Socialising and Community:

Golf is not only a sport but also a platform for building connections and fostering camaraderie. At 365 Golf Academy, we emphasize the social aspect of golfing, allowing our members to interact, network, and make lasting friendships. Engage in friendly competitions, join group practice sessions, or participate in exciting events and tournaments organized exclusively for our community. The support and encouragement from fellow golf enthusiasts will undoubtedly enhance your golfing journey.

State-of-the-Art Facilities at Hunley Golf Club:

To ensure you have everything you need to thrive in your golfing endeavors, we provide access to top-notch practice facilities. From our driving range and Trackman Launch Monitor to our putting green, our well-equipped setup will cater to every aspect of your game. Moreover, our academy is committed to staying at the forefront of golfing technology, employing performance tracking tools to monitor your progress and identify areas where you excel and those that require extra attention.

Flexible Membership Options:

365 Golf Academy understands that life can be busy, and schedules can be unpredictable. That's why we offer flexible membership options that fit your lifestyle. You gain access to a wealth of golfing resources and a community of like-minded individuals. This incredible value ensures you get continuous learning and improvement without breaking the bank.


365 Golf Academy is your gateway to unlocking your true golfing potential. With our unbeatable value membership starting from £24.00 per month, you gain access to a comprehensive golf program, expert coaching, a vibrant community, and state-of-the-art facilities. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced golfer, our academy is committed to nurturing your passion for golf and propelling you towards excellence on the course. Join us today and embark on a journey of continuous growth, socializing, and, most importantly, the sheer joy of playing golf.